Artikel mit dem Tag "Fashion"

24. Februar 2017
Seeking for emptiness, slowness, naturalness... On the outside I am definitely a minimilast. So I would call myself a fashion minimalist also. Might be that I am to comfy to handle tons of clothes and shoes. My require : it should be practically and multifunctional :)... The last years I spent with giving things away making room for myself. The main reason for being a minimalist is this feeling of being free, going wherever you want, whenever you want with quite a light rucksack ;)… and that...
23. Februar 2017
What a wonderful idea to combine the three of them... Take a look at the colourful landscape and let your own style be inspired by nature and it´s beautiful colours, combine it with a few movements and ready is this special mix ... Graceful MOvements, feeling like practicing Tai Chi or Qi Gong, clean and fresh air inbetween the beautiful Austrian mountains, gazing sunlight... and a little touch of fashion and style... what else ;) ... to be happy?