Malediven 2016

Feels like I lost my sense of time

I cannot really describe this feeling before and after our holidays. It´s quite like I´ve finally  lost my sense of time -completely-, heading for more than twenty hours to an island situated in "nowhere" where I needed quite a few days to realize that I was really there... and heading back into my normal daily life, where I suddenly realized: "Oh, time didn´t stop, while I´ve been away. Where have these days gone? Have I only been dreaming?"  


Shark before lunch

"Man sieht nicht jeden Tag einen Hai vor dem Mittagessen!" which means as much as "You do not see a shark every day before midday!"
What we´ve experienced in 8 days during our holidays on the Maledives would last for at least two to three weeks. Before heading to these wonderful islands I wasn´t sure if I wouldn´t get crazy spending so "much" time on a very small island, even if the island where we´ve been was a "bigger" one. But of course I could have stayed longer. There were so much things to do, things to see...


Our gorgeous room

Thank you Martin! Thanks ItS Billa Reisen! Thanks Kuredu Resort!

Blinded by the light of this beautiful, white sanded beach

I knew Disney films were real!

Arielle and Avatar aren´t just a crazy imagination of some crazy people. If you have ever seen such a brightness of colours, so many beautiful fishes, a wonder called "biolumenisenz", then you start to wonder, if the world as we see it sometimes -of it´s city-gray-covered side- has got much more surprises and wonders to offer than you can ever imagine and if this colourful picture of earth wouldn´t be the normal state, earth would be in, if we all would take more care of this wonderful planet...


About sunrises and sunsets...

Ficus Benghalensis - ´Tree of souls´

Coral Bleaching - the sad side of paradise

Desperately we haven´t seen the most colourful picture, we could have seen because first- it wasn´t the main season- second -and this fact doesn´t depend on the season- climate and the behaviour of human being left it´s footprints. Coral bleaching increased mostly due to global warming, cyanide fishing as well as many other reasons has threatened the world´s reef systems over the last years. When I first heard about this I became sad, wondering if our children would ever have the chance to see the colourful beauty of an intact reef with all it´s beautiful animals which depend on the sanity of the sea as their natural environment. But even if this all sounds very sad, the sea has been full of plancton and the first corals began to spread in a very deep blue. There is hope that they will recover...

Let´s be a part of this healing process which earth is going through...


Start with yourself -  How to live more consciously due to ourselfs and our environment


Only some of the flowers and fruits round the island

Animal life - Do you find all of them?

Snorkeling - Impressions of the underwater world

Silent Exercising