sRI LANKA 2013

Me and my friend started our Backpacking without having any plan at all, what we were going to do, what we were going to see. We´ve only booked our flights and the first two nights. We didn´t even talk about what we´d like to see. All we had was the `lonely planet` guide, our Rucksacks and I gotta admit, we had a smartphone, but we didn´t even use it as much...


So fate was our guide and I can only recommend this way of travelling to you, because you never know exactly what happens, but there are great things happening... It feels like you´re guided from above as you do your first steps out of your home and out of your comfort zone. Sometimes it´ can be exhausting, most of the time it´s amazing.


At some point I started to realize that my wish to finally arrive somewhere, the feeling of home, that I was so desperatly looking for, it is a deep feeling within you and it can overwhelm you in the most dirty and loudest place you have ever been. There is no point of arriving.
It´s that point of your journey you start to realize that you can arrive everywhere, with every step, at every place in each moment...
and everything you need will be offered and comes to you as a present for your willingness to  trust in life...

On the way to and on top of Adams Peak


In earlier days I used to believe in life. 
Why did you stop believing then? Why do not believe in now?

Travel log

Day 1: Flight Munic - Dubai - Colombo
Day 2: Arrival at Colombo Airport -> Negombo

Day 4: -> Kandy

Day 6: -> Dalhousie, Adam´s Peak
Day 8: -> Colombo
Day 10: -> Galle
Day 12: -> Mirissa

Day 15: -> Tangalle

Day 22: -> Negombo
Day 23: -> Departure

Places to visit, Hotspots to recommend, things to do...

* Adam´s Peak: Pilgrimiga site, 5000 steps lead to the top where Buddha should have set his

  first step on earth

* Kandy, Royal Botanical Gardens (Guest House to recommend: Lake View Rest)

* Galle: It´s a beautiful, small town with nice shops providing handicrafts, arts, nice food...

  Galle Fort is a world heritage site. (Rampart View Guest House)

  Crepe-ology Restaurant in Galle: It´s deliciooouuuus!
* Colombo

* Surfing in Mirissa

* Relaxing in Tangalle (Suraya Village, Lagoon Paradise Beach Resort)


Of course there are much more things to see or to do while you are visiting Sri Lanka. This is my point of view, things that we have seen and because we have really seen it I can recommend it to you. What we haven´t seen or done, what was recommended to us: Sigiriya or Simhagiri, Surfing in the east

Mind that the island is divided in two seasons: one is the sunny summer season and the other is the rainy winter season. It departs where you are going, which route you choose.






Lagoon Paradise Beach Resort