This way, no that way, this one, no that one... Who the f... needs decisions ;)?

All my life I´ve been hearin´ the same story over and over again: `You need to have a target. You need to make decisions.` But unfortunately I´ve never been good at making decisions.

I often thought about the ´two sides of one medal´. It´s neither so nor so.
(add: Ha! Just a few days ago after I published this article I found out that in Hinduism there´s  a name for that ´state of being´- it´s called : NETi NETI, it means: "neither this, nor that"...)
It´s always both. I also thought about the edge of the coin, the space inbetween. Would I be able to wander along the edge. Oh yes I was or what have I been doing all the time :)?

Do you always have to make decisions? Recently I read an article about just that theme. A woman was expected to ´toss the coin´ as everyone would be supposed to do... usually... but guess what she did... she started to spin the coin and as it spins it turns into a rotating circle... beautiful, isn´t it? A rotating circle, always in motion. Never stuck on one side.

But as I experienced you can be stuck in not making decisions... not able to move backwards nor forwards... So what´s the point. Guess what... I still don´t know. All I know about is to trust. If you´ re able to trust, the things come to you in a way you would not be able to imagine with your mind. But still you have to make the decision if you take it or leave it :) . So what... Maybe all those things which come are only the reminders that you´re still connected to the force of the universe no matter if you take it or not...


So what... :) ???!!! I think it´s not only about goals. That might be a phenomena of human society. You see how many people are straightly following their goals regardless of the consequences. I think it´s more about the energy behind your goals, your intentions, your values. But how to figure them out. That´s the part of your heart which does and sometimes our minds and hearts and even our sense for our body are so separeted from each other. So you might not understand where you´re heart is guiding you to. But as you reconnect, as you start listening, you´ll know and that might be one of the most important decisions: to reconnect to your heart.


With love Sabrina


... of course I know there are a thousands of a thousands of decisions to be made each and every day. It starts with the decision to get out of your bed :), the decision which food you eat, how to treat yourself, the people around you, the environment and so on...But the thing is that most of our decisions made due to a day to day basis they are unconcsiously made and they might do us harm. Of course it´s also a decision if you decide not to decide or not to act. So maybe it might be an inspiration to think about some of your own decisions... or to not take this article too serious but on the other hand we should. Oh god another decision :)))) ...