Alice Part III - After all... could you please show me the way to wonderland?

Seriously? There´s a flying and smiling cat in front of you and you are still asking that question... isn´t that weird ;) ?

... and the cat´s answering very patient: ´Go straight ahead and back, go left and right. But do it all at the same time!´ ´What??? ... but then I am where I already are...´ ´Yes´ and still the cat´s smiling ´You got it ;)´.


… flashback into ´normal life´


Visiting wonderland always means to return sometime, to come back into your ´normal daily life´ to see how things are going on ;) even if  ´Alice´s´ life is never really normal.
If you´ve ever been there you must not forget that the people around you may have not been there... or not yet... or not lately maybe just long ago. You try to hold on and sometimes this feeling touches the world around you and shows that wonderland can be everywhere. It´s in you but sometimes you need that KICK from life to remember. It might have been the life in vienna which put me out of my comfort zone... suddenly realizing that this´comfort zone´ hasn´t been that comfy at all.


… break free


As a child, you do exactly know where wonderland is and that it exists however you imagine it. But since we can remember, we´ve always been educated... to someday become someone or ´something´... As a child you are aware of your biggest dreams and you know exactly what you love to do.
But the story begins earlier. As soon as you take your first breath you are born into a whole believe system of expectations which want to make ´the most out of you´. Even if your parents are trying their best, they are also caught in this system of rules, believes, behaviors… You are educated in school, in groups, by authorities, who believe they are, …  because society wants you to become someone someday as if you wouldn´t be someone special already. So the story goes on and someday you finally become someone or you still yearning to become someone you might not ever have wanted to become. Someone who´s now educated, who fits in but also someone who might have forgotten about his dreams or someone who is quite afraid of holding on to his dreams…

Listen to your own song – life is a melody – write your own story…
Try to remember the last day when you didn´t feel like you´ve got to do something… even if it´s something you think it´s good for you… anything … nothing…

In your earlier years you´re under the eyes of your parents… then comes school, maybe university or work… when have you ever been free, just on your own, without someone else ´guiding´ your way? And even if you think you are you suddenly become aware of these voices within your head which are still trying to tell you what life is like… break free

And don´t get me wrong. I do believe our lifes are guided in some kind of a way.There are people on the way to help you, signs and symbols of your soul talking to you. What I try to say is: keep on listening to your inner voice... it´s paradox me telling you this ;)

´Turn your face towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind...´


Remember my last 2 blogs. What if everyone would stop doing things what we think we´ve got to do from this moment on… what would the world like… would problems be solved if we´d press the button: RESET?

The things happening around the world try to keep you down, try to keep you in fear and even if your world is flowery and beautiful, it looks as if there are very bad things going on at the moment… but take a deeper look and please remember the ´stage´ (Alice between the worlds) … hoping this film will come to a good end and we as actors gotta feel responsible for that. It might be good to leave the stage for a moment. `Sit back and watch the show ;)´ and if you like to play again you know you can choose another role... not the one you´ve been pushed into before.
Keep your energy focused on the beautiful things in life and there are lots and lots… Help if your help is needed but start with yourself. Look inside and look outside. See how nature is flourishing and blooming … Wie innen so aussen … wie oben so unten … which means as much as… as inside so outside , as upwards so downards…



Cheers Alice