`I am not Alice but this is definitely wonderland...` :)


"I am not Alice but this is definitely wonderland!"


... Freedom, Individual Responsibility, Devotion...

That´s what we are all longing for...
At the same time we are afraid. Existantial angst, afraid to fail, afraid of chaos, afraid of beeing different and loosing connection to society, afraid not to fit, afraid not to be understood or afraid to be ridiculed, afraid to be alone as soon as you walk your own way. But walking on your own way means to be trustful in life, to be sheltered and guided by the river of life.

I am writing about real freedom ... self responsibility ... without judging someone elses life

... to be free to live your own life (with others who do the same), to realize your own dreams...

We always wanna do something without asking ourselves what we use our energy for...
It´s as if we would justify our `being`. But where or how would our planet look like if it and we all together would stop doing and just pause and breath for one moment, one second, one day...

`In chaos` some say and express they do not trust or believe in the good in ourselves or our life.

What would happen?

I think nothing and all at the same time.

Devotion... trust... be guided... magic of life... breathe... listen... feel... Cheers Alice

I think it´s time to shut down and reset the software and give us all a new update ;)
LOve and hugs Sabrina